Customers Review SailriteTM and the UltrafeedTM Walking Foot Sewing Machines

By Candy M. (Incline Village, NV)

Hi, everybody! I just wanted to let you know that after a week of using our dock & our boat’s small cockpit as a ‘canvas shop’, I’m about 90% finished with a new main sail cover for our friends’ Swan 41. I’m THRILLED & amazed with the performance of my new LSZ-1 Ultrafeed. It didn’t miss a beat, or should I say stitch, as it walked right over areas where 2 multi-layer seams (including Shelter Rite reinforcing) joined. I loved my Yachtsman (which now has a new home with another person who wants to start doing small projects on his boat) but it would have been overwhelmed by this project. Doing the appliqué lettering for the boat’s name on the cover was a challenge! I’ve even had a professional sailmaker on our dock stop by to see how I was doing & was impressed with the quality of the Ultrafeed’s features & stitching. I’ll try to remember to send a picture when the cover is complete.

Sew02By Gavin P. (Cambridge, MA)

I'm done with my main for my C&C 30, I used it yesterday, it's great.


By Bonny (Florida)

You are awesome.

 And spread the word.  Thanks for the great machine.  I love my LSZ-1.  Not only has it been invaluable for all the work on my boat, but it has allowed me to feed the cruising kitty (both in the marina when still in L.A.) and out here in the Pacific. 
So far the only thing I've regretted doing is the dinghy cover while the boat was in the water.  I am still chasing rust on my machine parts.  My husband has treated most parts with corrosion blocker, but it was a big mistake.  (That's why I am ordering the new needle plate, feed dog, etc.   I also think I will end up with a new turn knob (the one on the end of the stitch length adjusted (forward/reverse).  We'll see if it quits oxidizing.   I should have charged that guy enough money to buy a new machine!  But, lesson learned.  Never again will I work on a project that involves salt watered fabric to touch my machine!
Long version, sorry. 

By TJ George (Weimar, TX)

We just started using our Ultrafeed LS-1 machine today and we are so very pleased with it! With the monster wheel on, it sews at a manageable speed, which is difficult to do with the industrial machines. And it is so smooth! I'm itching for a several hour day with it.

Thanks, bunches!

By Sue M. (Sayville, NY)

I am so happy to have bought my machine from you - the customer support is AMAZING!

By John G. (Chula Vista, CA)

Thanks again for technical support, great product selection and good customer service.  After sewing up boat covers, sail covers, mast boots and other boat projects, I though you might like to see one of the pop-up campers I built, with all the canvas work done on my Ultrafeed with swing-away binder, using Sunbrella canvas, mosquito netting, coil zippers and V92 thread all from Sailrite.
Thanks, long time customer

By Barbara S. (Holden, ME)
Just a note to let you know I am delighted with my new LSZ-1 machine!!  It works beautifully and I am very appreciative of all your help and guidance during this situation.  I am, indeed, a happy customer of usual!

By Karen F. (Fox Lake, IL)

Hope to see you all at the Chicago Strictly Sail Show! Also I'd like to pass on a compliment to your wonderful staff at Sailrite. I do canvas work for all types of applications and always come back to Sailrite for all my supplies. Thank you and your staff for all your support. Sailrite seems to have really expanded in the past few years but when I call I still feel like I'm doing business with a small family establishment. Here are a few pictures of some of the work my mother and I have achieved with Sailrite at our side over the past 3 yrs. Thanks again! A very satisfied customer.

By Danny Q. (Canada)

You folk at Sailrite are amazing people. I wrote you about my LS1 problem (driver rotation) and you actually put it on film!!
My machine is about 10 years old and I did not think you were going to respond so quickly (same day) and so professionally to my request. Thank you!!
By the way, my rotation was off a little. After adjusting it as you prescribed it is running like new again. Thank you also for the reverse lever adjustment video. I will be taking care of that problem shortly.
You guys are pros. You are quite obviously dedicated to customer service, even small customers and I can now say as a small customer I truly appreciate it.
Thank you again.


By Dave & Julie

Here are some photos using the big blue machine to fix a torn reef point in a mainsail.  The repair was done at sea while sailing south of the Baja in Mexico.  Big Blue did great.  The repair is holding after another 2500 miles of cruising.  Big Blue saved our trip!  Thanks so much.

By Paul and Frances (Australia)

Can I just say this, as corny as it may sound: we believe that the level of service you have provided is that by which other retailers should measure themselves.  We could not speak too highly of your service.  Thank you very much.

By Carol D. (Texas)

I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful women that you have talking on the phone to your customers. I am so impressed with the knowledge and professional way they treat their customers. I ordered today and did not get her name, but she was outstanding and I talked to Melinda a few weeks ago and she was equally outstanding. I want to thank you for being such a wonderful company to do business with. I love my new LSZ-1 and look forward to doing more business with you. Thank you for a wonderful company. Thanks. I Love doing business with you!!!!!!

By John J. (Texas)

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your outstanding customer service. I hope you realize how rare you are in today's business world by providing this level of service.

Today, I called your company. I spoke to Cheryl and explained my problem with the upper tension on my sewing machine. She referred me to Matt who walked me through what I needed to do in order to correct the problem. Time it took to correct the problem? Would you believe less than 10 minutes?

Please accept my sincere thanks for your prompt and courteous help. I am MOST impressed.

By Chad C. (SC)


I wanted to write you to let you, it has been almost a year since I purchased my Sailrite LSZ-1 and I could not be happier!


I purchased my Sailrite LSZ-1 with intentions of sewing leather goods, and it has never let me down, even through the toughest of jobs this machine sews like a champ. In addition to the supreme work this machine has performed for me in my leather crafting trade, I have created and fixed many items I would have never been able to work with, without this incredible and affordable machine. Your machine is constructed so well it out performs many machines in its class at almost half the cost! In this day and age it is an extreme rarity to find such quality when the norm is to outsource labor and parts to the lowest bidder. Thank you for providing such a wonderful machine! I know now that I made the right decision in choosing Sailrite and I look forward to using my machine for many more years to come.

By Darrell J. (Canada)

I have a small home based sailing supply business. I sell hardware and rope and repair sails for the local Trailer Sailors. For the past 8 years I have been getting by with a "White" Zigzag machine and a Consew 315 RATC for the straight stitch.

After years of trying to justify the purchase of an Ultrafeed machine I finally hit the "Add To Cart" button for the LSZ-1.
.......I'll never look back......
I no longer worry about dropping stitches, uneven stitch length or layered up corners. Get this......Yesterday I was finishing up a repair on a Hobie 16 Main. When it came time to Dead End the 5/16" Foot Rope at the Tack, I reach for my Hand Sewing Awl. Wait a minute.....doesn't this machine have a piping foot built in? I only needed to run about 2 inches of straight stitch at each end so let's give it a try. The rope and cloth barely fit under the foot so I was a little concerned. I went to straight stitch, moved the needle over to the left and carefully hand cranked. .....NO GOOD....Then I remembered what you said in the video....DON'T FORGET TO DROP THE PRESSER FOOT... Straight down the middle of the rope and a perfect stitch.....very impressive! No need to hand crank...this machine has more power than I do! Incredible Machine and Incredible Service. Thanks!

By Joanne P. (Florida)

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the help you given to me over the past month. I returned the other machine last week, and have been on cloud 9 with the LS1. What a huge difference in power & performance! This machine, is an absolute dream! I've already finished off 3 harness's, and would have had more done, if it wasn't for the fact of having family that came down from NH for the last 4 days... Many thanks!

 By Tonya H. (Washington)

I had been wanting a shade cloth for the front windows for a long time!  It was a dream to pattern and sew with my Sailrite machine! Just wanted to share!


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